Philip Studies during Covid-19

Philip is studying his Theology degree in Cape Town. Due to Covid-19 there have been a lot of changes in daily life, Philip shares about his life at this time.

Seme Studies during Covid-19

Seme is in his first year of his Theology degree during the Covid-19 pandemic. He shares how his life and studies have adjusted to the current circumstances.

Building Fund Update

CORE upgraded the solar panel system at Bishop Gwynne College. This upgrade will assist lecturers and the students to do their work as they now have access to electricity 24 hours a day

Seme: Excited to be studying in Cape Town

Seme is in his first year of his BTh after completing his Certificate last year. He shares about his background and what he has enjoyed so far about his studies and life in Cape Town.

Alex: An update from Third year

Alex shares how his studies are going, saying that he is s sponge for knowledge. He is looking forward to graduating at the end of the year and retuning to Juba to lecture.