Help train future Bible teachers for BGC, South Sudan

The following amounts are in USD and refer to the 2018 expenses for each student mentioned


John is finishing his third year of a Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College. After completing his degree this year, he will return to South Sudan as a lecturer to train future South Sudanese Christian leaders.
$5 359 of $10 000 raised


Elias is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Theology at Bible college in Cape Town, South Africa. Should he complete his course, he will be able to return as a bible teacher at Bishop Gwynne College to train future South Sudanese Christian leaders.
$5 927 of $10 000 raised


Kasmiro is currently in his first year at Bible college in South Africa. He comes from an area of South Sudan that lacks trained Christian ministers. He wants to teach the Word of God faithfully and, if God wills, lecture at a Bible college. Your contribution will send a well-trained pastor back to a region that lacks trained ministers of the Word.
$10 000 of $10 000 raised


Alex is currently studying his first year of his Bachelor of Theology degree at George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa. Once he has completed his degree, Alex would like to return to Juba to teach on the faculty at Bishop Gwynne College as he desires to grow new leaders for the future of the Church in South Sudan.
$10 000 of $10 000 raised

Statement of Faith

We adhere to “The Gospel Coalition’s” Statement of Faith. This covers many areas of theology such as: The Triune God, Revelation, the Creation of Humanity, the Fall, The Gospel, The Redemption of Christ, The Justification of Sinners, The Power of the Holy Spirit, The Kingdom of God, God’s New People, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper and The Restoration of All Things.