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church In africa

Your support is needed to help train local Christian leaders to preach a biblical message of love, forgiveness and reconciliation in regions of Africa that have been affected by civil war, ethnic division, misleading heresies and limited access to Bible training.



Biblically-rich Training

Our training highlights God’s plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation, and makes clear that righteousness comes through faith alone in Christ Jesus, and that a godly life can only be achieved through this same faith in Christ.



Culturally relevant teaching

We equip leaders biblically to teach and pastor within their cultural context. Some of the key topics of doctrine we cover include those prevalent to the African Church today, such as suffering, prosperity, miracles, deliverance, servant leadership, and witchcraft.



Local and Global partnerships

The Bible training of local Christian teachers and leaders is crucial to strengthening the church. We partner with local institutions like Bishop Gwynne Bible College, local missionaries, para-church organisations, as well as volunteers from around the world.

Current needs

Latest News

Building Fund Update

CORE upgraded the solar panel system at Bishop Gwynne College. This upgrade will assist lecturers and the students to do their work as they now have access to electricity 24 hours a day

Seme- excited to be studying in Cape Town

Seme is in his first year of his BTh after completing his Certificate last year. He shares about his background and what he has enjoyed so far about his studies and life in Cape Town.

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