Building Fund Update

At CORE we believe that for a Bible college to be a functional training institution, it needs to have a suitable infrastructure that will allow students to learn unhindered. It needs to have teachers who are well-trained and who are paid enough to take care of their needs and that of their families, thus motivating them to do their job as best they can. A Bible college needs a suitable and functional library, and it needs solid administration.

With this in mind, CORE partnered with Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan to assist with these various aspects.

Solar Panel Project

In South Sudan government provided power is almost non-existent. BGC can only run on generator power about three hours per day, which is an expensive option as fuel in South Sudan is a valuable commodity. As a key theological training institution in South Sudan, BGC requires power for students, lecturers and visitors to study at any time using the computers, library management system, fans and lights.

Previous Work- 2015

In 2015, CORE raised funds to install solar panels at BGC. Critical parts of this system were upgraded and rewiring was done.

Review of Work- March 2019

A review of the college’s electrical installation was undertaken in March 2019. This revealed that the electrical wiring at Bishop Gwynne College needed considerable repair work to be done to assist with the operation of the college.  This upgrade was essential because it would enable the proposed solar power systems to properly connect in to the system without causing problems or potential damage.

The upgrade needed would supply power to the administration building, student dorms and dining room. This will reduce the reliance on the generator.

Upgrade- November and December 2019

CORE sourced materials in Nairobi choosing equipment that would be able to withstand the high temperatures of South Sudan. CORE worked with the Mission Aviation Fellowship (Kenya) to transport this equipment to Juba. The equipment was stored at Samaritan’s Purse in Juba until the items were needed at the College.

Jok and Garang assisting with moving the equipment. Both these men are now CORE- sponsored students studying in Cape Town
Work starting at BGC
The new batteries at BGC

The upgrade was completed during the college holidays. With the new solar panels installed BGC is able to have electricity 24 hours a day. This has such a positive impact on both the lecturers and the students to be able to do their work and studies.

CORE has received feedback from some of the lecturers:

“We are still celebrating that we have 24hours of power. It is a huge blessing to all of us. We have nothing to say other than to thank you CORE for such a great help.”

One of the classrooms at BGC with the new fans
The new solar panels on the roof at BGC

This work is possible due to our amazing funders. These changes to the college are already making a difference in the lives of the current staff and students, and will continue to do so for future students in the years to come.