Solar Panels for Bishop Gwynne College

After staying at Bishop Gwynne College on several occasions, it was clear that the college needed a more reliable and affordable source of electrical power. Government power in South Sudan is next to non-existent. Although Bishop Gwynne College had a generator, it was faulty, and the college could not afford to run it for more than four hours each evening. This meant that during the day, computers could not be used, fans could not be used in the excessive heat, and electrical lights could not be turned on in darker rooms such as the library. These are all things we take for granted in colleges in the West and in most other parts of Africa. Improving these facilities was the goal behind a fundraising push for 24 solar panels on the roof of the Bishop Gwynne College library.

After running a crowd-funding campaign on Chuffed, we are happy to announce that the funds were successfully raised, thanks to the generosity of supporters and the motivating force of God’s Spirit! The panels were installed in August this year and have been providing much-needed power to the college library and the lecture halls. Students, lecturers and visitors can now study at any time of the day and use the library computers. This gives the college a far greater capacity to progress successfully, unhindered by the lack of infrastructure in the nation.

We would like to thank all our donors who gave so generously to this project and want to praise our faithful God for this great provision!