What We Do

Core Training seeks to equip Christian leaders in nations where the church is severely impacted by civil war, poor infrastructure and limited access to Bible teaching.

In the past, many faithful donors have supported African students from such nations in further theological studies. The underlying hope is that these students will return to their home country to be employed in Christian leadership.

While no doubt this has happened on occasion, there are also many accounts of students unable to find employment in Christian ministry after they return to their country of origin, and must work elsewhere to meet their immediate needs. 

Core Training seeks to see this process from beginning to completion, from sponsoring students in their studies to providing them a paid position lecturing at a local Bible college. 

Stage 1

Source Future Leaders

We find suitable, capable Christian leaders from local Bible colleges or short-term Bible training courses that we run.

Stage 2

Train Future Leaders

Chosen students are sponsored until they complete their degree at a reputable Bible college.

Stage 3

Position Future Leaders

Once graduated, students return to their country of origin and are supported with a monthly contribution to lecture in theology at a local Bible college. 

Stage 4

Strengthen the Church

Local Bible colleges can richly equip and send out Christian leaders to churches across their region, strengthening the church.

Meet Alex

Through Core Training, Alex is being sponsored to complete a Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College. He will return next year to his home country, South Sudan, to work as a paid lecturer, supported by Core Training.

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