Core Training and Development was founded to strengthen the Church in African nations that have a peculiar amount of pressure upon them due to some or all of the following challenges:

  • A high percent of pastors receiving little to no bible training
  • Few or no bible colleges
  • Pastors and Christian leaders have no access to training opportunities
  • Pastors have very limited access to bible study resources
  • Commonly accepted non-biblical heresies within many independent churches
  • Ongoing civil war or prolonged periods of civil war in the nation’s recent history
  • Government supplied water and electricity are either scarce or non-existent
  • High rates of illiteracy in the population
  • Poor health systems
  • Active or inactive militants or rebel groups within the nation
  • Employment opportunities are rare or non-existent and there is no welfare
  • There are several to many “unreached” people groups within the nation

CORE seeks to strengthen the Church in these nations through coordinating programs that provide a structure to enable a steady and ongoing increase in the level of national theological literacy. Needless to say, these programs are totally dependent on the people we work with.

The goal of these programs is to strengthen existing, strategic, indigenous, Bible training institutions. We do this by providing them with trained and financially supported, indigenous lecturers. These are people who have been sourced in conjunction with indigenous Christian leaders within the target nation. They have either come through the institution that we are strengthening or through our 10-day courses for pastors that we hold locally within different regions of the nation. They are known to be godly and capable Christian men and women. They have all suffered greatly due to the extreme circumstances within their nation and yet remained loyal to Christ. Thus, once they have been trained, they become very effective teachers within their home nation.

Core provides bible training for these future leaders by supporting them to study at a bible college which has the reputation of providing a high, international standard of bible education. One such college is George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa.

CORE works with volunteers, both from the local Church in the target nation, and also from the international Christian community. It is the coordination of volunteers that allows us to provide bible training solutions for the church in these nations. We coordinate relevant local Bible colleges, local Christian leaders, para-church organisations, local missionaries, local churches and other organisations working within these nations, as well as external organisations that have the ability through their contribution and partnership to provide further training or development solutions. All this is with a view to strengthening the Church in nations that have suffered greatly and where the Church needs to be exceptional in order to stand amidst the great challenges it is faced with.

We view our donors as partners in the Gospel with an essential role in the ministry. And without these partners we would not be able to make the impact that we do.

For further information, please contact us at info@coretraining.com.co.