Core Training and Development was founded to strengthen the Church in African nations that have a peculiar amount of pressure upon them due to some or all of the following challenges:

  • Prolonged periods of civil war
  • Depleted infrastructure with government supplied water and electricity being either scarce or non-existent
  • Few or no bible colleges
  • High rates of illiteracy in the population
  • Very limited access to bible study resources
  • Significant climate and health system challenges
  • Active or inactive militants or rebel groups within the nation
  • A high percent of pastors in ministry with little to no bible training, and pastors also having little access to bible training
  • Commonly accepted non-biblical heresies within many independent churches
  • No access to welfare or employment opportunities
  • Several to many “unreached people groups” within the nation

CORE seeks to strengthen the Church in these nations through the provision and coordination of Bible training, through presenting further Bible training opportunities to pastors and Christian leaders, through the provision of theological books, through the provision of laptops, through strengthening bible college libraries, through the provision of visiting lecturers, through strengthening bible college infrastructure and through strengthening bible college faculty. CORE assesses the situation in the nations we work within and aims to tackle what we perceive as the hindrances to the Gospel in the particular target nation. CORE also has a heart for unreached people groups and desires to explore ways in which we can reach out to them.

CORE works with volunteers, both from the local Church in the target nation, and also from the international Christian community. It is the coordination of volunteers that allows us to provide bible training solutions for the church in these nations. We coordinate relevant local Bible colleges, local Christian leaders, para-church organisations, local missionaries, local churches and other organisations working within these nations, as well as external organisations that have the ability through their contribution and partnership to provide further training or development solutions. All this is with a view to strengthening the Church in nations that have suffered so much and where the Church, needs to be exceptional in order to stand amidst the great challenges it is faced with.

We view our donors as partners in the Gospel with an essential role in the ministry. And without these partners we would not be able to make the impact that we do.

For further information, please contact Darien Khlentzos (CEO and co-founder, Australia and South Africa) at info@coretraining.com.co.