Alex shares how this budget has assisted his family

Alex is married with two daughters. His wife and children are not staying in Cape Town with Alex. When Alex first started his studies in Cape Town, CORE had not yet set up the funding for families. Being away from his family and being unable to support them financially was a big stress for Alex.

Now that CORE is able to assist in this regard, it is a weight lifted from his shoulders and he is able to focus more on his studies. Alex says that he and his family really appreciate this assistance.

Alex is currently in 3rd year studying in Cape Town. He will be returning to Juba, South Sudan next year where he will be joining his family.

Alex thanks CORE for the Family Funding, and gives some examples as to how this has helped his family

There are currently four students who need this assistance for their families back home. As well as Alex, there is Jok, Kasmiro and Philip who have immediate families benefitting from this funding.