Meet Alex

Alex will complete his third and final year of studies and will commence work as a Bible College lecturer next year in South Sudan.

Alex's Story

We first met Alex after he had completed a Diploma of Theology in South Sudan, and determined that he was a suitable candidate to come to George Whitefield College in Cape Town to complete further studies at a Bachelor’s level. 

Upon coming to South Africa, Alex already had an idea of what God wanted him to do. His gift of being able to speak clearly and with conviction enabled him to teach and preach. Alex was keen to develop these skills further at George Whitefield College.

Nevertheless, in his first year, Alex faced many challenges, including the culture shock of adjusting to new ways of interaction and manner of dress. Learning to embrace this diversity in the kingdom of God has been a great positive of this experience.

Now in this third year, Alex feels a lot more confident in his studies and has seen his love of God increase through a richer understanding of the Scriptures. He is incredibly excited to go back and teach his brothers and sisters who want to know God more.

Alex’s time at college has also shaped and developed his gift of preaching. By taking part in preaching classes and opportunities to preach each semester, Alex looks forward to serving God with his improved skills in preaching and teaching.

Family Support From Core

During his studies, Alex lived in Cape Town away from his wife and two daughters. Being unable to support them financially was stressful. Recognising this need, CORE was able to organise and provide assistance to his family’s financial needs. 

Alex will return to his family in Juba, South Sudan at the end of his studies.

Alex's Testimony

Hear about how Alex came to know Jesus and his call to preach and teach God’s word.

Help bring gospel truths to the next generation of Christian leaders in South Sudan!