Elias graduates from Bible college!

Elias graduates with his Bachelor of Theology

We are incredibly proud of our dear brother Elias, who graduated with his degree in theology from George Whitefield College at the end of November last year. It has been humbling as Westerners to see the level of adversity that Elias came through in order to achieve his degree. This included his family fleeing to a refugee camp in Uganda, after a rebel attack on their village in the southern part of South Sudan. Not long after that, (all of which took place within the first couple of months of Elias arriving at GWC to commence his BTh), his brother was shot, killed and his body dumped into a mass grave with nobody able to give Elias any indication as to where the grave was situated. Needless to say, this was tragic for him.

We were amazed that after all this, he persevered and completed his BTh. We will be very sad that we will not be seeing him as often as we used to, but know that he will be a great asset to the college in South Sudan as he will be joining the faculty at Bishop Gwynne (Bible) College in Juba, South Sudan as a full time lecturer as of January 2020.

Elias wrote to Core recently:

“…at the moment I am preparing for my lectures which will commence in March. I will be taking Romans with the 3rd yrs and as well as Public Speaking with the 1st yrs. The number of students is huge, 47 students in 3rd year and 50 in 1st year!! One of the difficulties here is printing the hand outs for students; things are expensive in Juba at the moment and I have no money even for my own needs. Being away for 3yrs has become a challenge so far!”

The Principal at Bishop Gwynne College has said that they are looking forward to receiving Elias with his new theological knowledge. He will be joining the college as an instructor in their next semester starting March- June 2020. Elias is already getting himself settled back in Juba, and has started to prepare for the upcoming semester.

Elias is the second student from South Sudan to complete his Theology Degree through this partnership between Core Training and Development and Bishop Gwynne College. Once these students complete their degrees, they go on to be instructors at Bishop Gwynne College and further empower students there.

Elias departing Cape Town International Airport after his graduation

Give thanks for:

  • Elias graduating with his Bachelor of Theology
  • Elias’ safe return home
  • Elias will be bringing his new skills to be used at Bishop Gwynne College as a lecturer

Please Pray For:

  • Elias and his family as they adjust to him living in South Sudan again
  • Elias as he prepares for his lectures at Bishop Gwynne College
  • The students at Bishop Gwynne College- that they are receptive to their new lecturer and that they get fed by his teachings.
  • Teaching resources at the college