January Update: Liberia Pastor Training

The pastor training was held, once again, in conjunction with Christian Revival Church association. This is a Monrovia-based church planting organisation undertaking development work throughout the country, with over 150 churches planted through various parts of Liberia. The CRC association brings pastors together for this training. 

Last time we ran this, there were 75 pastors. This time, there are about 45-60 of them. 

Pastor training in Liberia was incredibly fruitful. It was a rich ten days of Spirit-filled teaching and fellowship, and the word that went out was powerful — praise God! Many attendees testified that the light of the Scriptures delivered through this training cleared many heresies they held, and incorrect ways of viewing topics such as miracles, signs and wonders, deliverance, prosperity and servant leadership. We had a terrific team come from a number of different nations. Of Africa, we had Paul from Zambia, Rogers from Cameroon, Fred from Rwanda. From Australia, we had Randals, Trevor and Ian from Australia as well as Darien. 

The pastors were deeply impacted by the training in Libera. Every testimony we received back from the pastors who participated was incredibly positive: some to the effect that they became Christians, others that the training had been incredibly life and ministry transforming for them. The testimonies we received revealed that this training changed their perception on the right way to run churches and the ministries that are part of their churches. This has felt like a mini-revival and we look forward to seeing the fruit. Although there were around 45-60 attendees, less than the 75 people who came when the course was last run, it was clear that pastors were hungry to learn more about what the Lord has to say through the Scriptures about the topics brought up at the course. Overall the training was incredibly valuable; a wonderful time! We look forward to sharing some of the pastor’s testimonies over the next couple of months.