Elias starts lecturing at Bishop Gwynne College

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After graduating with his Bachelor of Theology in November 2019, Elias is the second CORE sponsored person from South Sudan to complete his degree in South Africa and return home to start lecturing at Bishop Gwynne College (BGC). It is incredibly exciting to see the growth in Elias and to see how the Lord is going to use him as a lecturer at BGC. Elias is lecturing in Preaching and Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Elias shares about his own studies

Elias says that his Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College was so rewarding in terms of the academic standard at the College. He feels incredibly excited to be back home after being empowered with new knowledge and skills- which he is now able to pass on to people in South Sudan. He is confident that being at Bishop Gwynne College is the right platform to do this.

Elias in the Bishop Gwynne College library

Elias started lecturing in February 2020

Elias has already started lecturing. He is teaching Romans to 3rd year students and Public Speaking to 1st year students. He says that the students are showing great interest and enthusiasm in the content which he is really pleased about. As he lets the CORE team know about his classes, it is obvious that he is just as enthusiastic as his students are about this.

Elias says that he has enough materials to prepare for his lectures. He has access to online material and has had help from the college as well as contact with a Pastor in Cape Town who has assisted. He has 43 students attending his 3rd year class and 44 students in his first year class.

Diversity in Christ

Something that Elias is taking away from studying in South Africa and hopes to bring to Bishop Gwynne College is the fact that students are able to mingle with people different from themselves. A very important point that he wants to emphasise, is that they are there not due to tribes, but because of their love for Christ.

“Our people need to be encouraged to mix up with other tribes, in so doing we shall be able to embrace peace, love and unity amongst the 64 tribes in South Sudan.”

The students in his class are from different backgrounds themselves, which include people from the cattle riding groups, conflicted areas like Rumbek, and people from the North of South Sudan. The great thing about this is that there are multiple tribes represented in the college.

Elias teaching one of his first classes

Some advice for current CORE Sponsorship students

When asked what advice Elias would give to the current six students studying in Cape Town, Elias said that they should continue to work hard. Bishop Gwynne College needs people with potential. He feels that they are in the right place and looks forward to having them complete their studies and join the lecturing team.

“The students (at Bishop Gwynne College) are eager to learn and together we can make a difference in this nation and it’s through the college that this dream can come true”

A word of thanks from Elias to CORE, and all the people who support CORE to make this programme possible:

“I think Core training deserves the credit, Core is managing the programme well, we are the beneficiaries of it. Core training is doing a great job in our college, helping students go for further studies is another way of supporting the entire country in peace building.”

Give thanks for:

  • Elias’ safe return to his home in Juba
  • Elias bringing his new skills to be used at Bishop Gwynne College as a lecturer
  • Elias’ enthusiasm towards his lectures

Please Pray For:

  • Elias’ adjustment to being back home in Juba after 3 years away.
  • Elias as he prepares for his lectures at Bishop Gwynne College
  • The students at Bishop Gwynne College- that they are receptive to their new lecturer and that they get fed by his teachings.
  • Teaching resources at the college, specifically a printer to assist with lecture material