Meet Seme

Seme is in his 1st year of a certificate course and is commencing the Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College in 2020.


About Seme

Seme is in his first year at George Whitefield Bible College, studying the certificate course with a view to commence the GWC Bachelor of Theology at the beginning of 2020. The certificate course has several units that overlap with the first year Bachelor of Theology, so they will be sitting in the same classes as the B Th. students. Those particular modules will go towards his B Th. degree as credits once he commence it. Seme previously completed his three-year Diploma of Theology at Bishop Gwynne College and would like to return there to teach on the faculty.

Your support for Seme in prayer and finances will go bring him one step closer towards this vision.

Seme's Testimony

Becoming a Christian

Although Seme was born into a Christian family and was baptised as an infant, he only came to understand the gospel when he began attending bible study and conferences as a Sunday school teacher from 2006-2010. He came to see who God was revealed in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. After understanding the Scriptures and the hope of eternal life, he devoted his life to the service of the Lord Jesus.

After understanding the Scriptures and the hope of eternal life, I devoted my life for the service of the Lord and accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal Saviour by renouncing all the evil desires of this body. I will continue to serve the Lord until the end of my life on this earth.


Seme has previously served as a Sunday school teacher and as a lay reader in his church. He has also been the parish secretary for over three years, balancing his studies in the Parish with his studies at Bishop Gwynne College (BGC).

Reasons for Studying Theology

“I chose to study theology because theology is the study of God revealed in the Trinity. I want to know the Lord whom I believe and worship and be able to understand his words, the Holy Scriptures, digest it, and share it with others. Not only that, but also I want to study Jesus Christ, the resurrected Messiah, Studying theology will also help me to understand the role and work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. Last but not least, I have chosen to study theology in order to understand the hope of salvation and eternal life that Christians believe.”

Seme has chosen to do further studies in George Whitefield College, South Africa in order to develop himself academically and spiritually through the high calibre of staff and lecturers at the college. At the completion of his studies, he would like to share what he has learned as a lecturer at Bishop Gwynne College, South Sudan, so that others can be impacted by God’s Word and share it with others.

Help bring gospel truths to the next generation of Christian leaders in South Sudan!