Meet Philip

Philip is in his 1st year of a certificate course and is commencing the Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College in 2020.


About Philip

Philip is in his first year at George Whitefield Bible College, studying the certificate course with a view to commence the GWC Bachelor of Theology at the beginning of 2020. The certificate course has several units that overlap with the first year Bachelor of Theology, so they will be sitting in the same classes as the B Th. students. Those particular modules will go towards his B Th. degree as credits once he commence it. If God wills, at the completion of his studies, Philip will return to South Sudan to lecture at Bishop Gwynne College, where he previously completed his Diploma of Theology.

Your support for Seme in prayer and finances will go bring him one step closer towards this vision.

Philip's Testimony

Becoming a Christian

Philip was brought to the Anglican church in his diocese by his grandmother, and came to know the Lord through Sunday school and being a youth member of his church and was confirmed in 2010.


During his Sunday service, Philip sometimes preaches the Bible. He is also an active member of the evangelist group in his church, and seeks to extend the good news of the Lord Jesus to the world at large. Philip serves at church with the hope of seeing changes in his life, nation, community, society and in his family, and prays that God would make a complete transformation in his life so that he can transform others.

Reasons for Studying Theology

Philip desires to study theology so that he can understand God’s character and how to apply his Word to the current world, so that he can teach others and direct them in God’s righteous paths. He has chosen to study at George Whitefield College due to its reputation for strong theological training, and desires to be transformed mentally, physically and spiritually by this training.

Plans Upon the Completion of Studies

At the completion of his studies, Philip would like to return to Bishop Gwynne College as a full-time lecturer in order to strengthen the college. He also has a passion for preaching the gospel to those who have not heard it, and to give hope to the hopeless through charitable work and counselling.

Help bring gospel truths to the next generation of Christian leaders in South Sudan!