Meet John

John has been supported by Core Training since 2016. Since 2019, he has worked as a full-time lecturer at Bishop Gwynne College (BGC), teaching Ethics and Letters of the New Testament. From April 2020,  the students were asked to return home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, John was consecrated as bishop to the diocese of Bentiu, in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.



John's Story

We first met John in 2014 when he was studying for a Diploma of Theology in South Sudan and working for the college library. After discussions with the principal of the college, we determined that he was a suitable candidate to come to George Whitefield College in Cape Town to complete further studies at a Bachelor’s level. 

John attending class at George Whitefield College in South Africa.

While studying in college, John faced an immense amount of challenges, including academic expectations and differences in culture. In addition, one of John’s brothers was shot and passed away during his studies, which was a devastating blow to John.

John’s fellowship group at Bible college.

The visa application for John’s third year was initially refused due to a misreading by Home Affairs. We appealed this decision and John had to return to South Sudan to confirm the authenticity of his visa. It took several months before John was able to receive his visa. He had to persevere in his studies with these things on the back of his mind. When his visa was finally approved, John rejoiced and we rejoiced along with him.

John’s graduation and lecturing at Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan.

John persevered through it all and graduated, receiving his Bachelor of Theology from George Whitefield College in November 2018. He then returned to teach at Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan as a full-time lecturer.

John's Testimony

Hear about John’s upbringing and how he came to know Jesus through the Scriptures.

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