Meet Elias

Elias completed his studies at the end of 2019. This year, he commenced lecturing in Preaching and Romans at Bishop Gwynne College, South Sudan.

Elias' Story

We met Elias as he was completing a Diploma of Theology in South Sudan, and determined that he was a suitable candidate to complete further studies at a Bachelor’s level at George Whitefield College in Cape Town.

Elias at George Whitefield College in South Africa.

Elias faced a great deal of adversity during his studies. Within months of starting his Bachelor’s, a rebel attack in his village left his family displaced into a refugee camp in Uganda. In addition, his brother returned to South Sudan and was tragically shot and passed away.

Nevertheless, he persevered in his studies and graduated with his degree in theology from George Whitefield College in November 2019.

Elias Returns to South Sudan

Elias teaching at Bishop Gwynne Bible College in South Sudan

In November 2020, Elias returned to South Sudan as a full-time lecturer on the faculty at Bishop Gwynne Bible College, in partnership with Core Training. He excited to use what he has learned to further empower students through teaching classes like Preaching and The Book of Romans.

“At the moment, I am preparing for my lectures which will commence in March. The number of students is huge: 47 students in 3rd year and 50 in 1st year!”

One key takeaway from Elias’ time in South Africa has been the opportunity to mingle with people different from himself. There are students from multiple tribes represented in his classes, and he hopes to emphasise the unity that the love of Christ provides even amongst these diverse languages and people groups.

“In this multicultural institution, I’ve seen that it’s really important to create relationships, to work together as a team, and to encourage one another. This is one of the things I want to emphasise when I get back to South Sudan. Because I think our people back home are divided based on ethical issues, like tribal things. The gospel challenges us that we must love one another. In so doing, we will be able to embrace peace, love and unity amongst the 64 tribes in South Sudan.”

A word of thanks from Elias:

“Thank you for the donors who continue to support us. Core Training deserves great credit for doing a great job in our college, and we are the beneficiaries of it. Bishop Gwynne College brings together all tribes in South Sudan. Helping students go for further studies is another way of supporting the entire country in peace building.”

Elias' Testimony

Hear about how Elias came to know Jesus and his calling to become a preacher of God’s Word.

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