Safe and reliable facilities and infrastructure are required
for teaching at Bishop Gwynne College.

In South Sudan, government-provided power is almost non-existent. Bishop Gwynne College can only run on generator power for about three hours per day, which is an expensive option as fuel in South Sudan is a valuable commodity. 


As a key theological training institution in South Sudan, Bishop Gwynne College requires power for  students, lecturers and visitors to study at any time using the computers, library management system, fans and lights.

Key Needs

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Upgrade of existing solar panels

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Installation of new solar power system

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Upgrade of electricals and fittings

Upgrade the existing solar power system

In 2015, Core Training raised funds to install solar panels at Bishop Gwynne College. Critical parts of this system require upgrading and rewiring to ensure that the system continues to supply the college with a reliable, long-term supply of power.

These upgrades include: 

  • Repair or replacement of the solar inverter and charge controllers in the solar power system
  • Steel framing to raise panels off the roof in order to reduce heat gain and maximise the life of the panels

Install a new solar power system

Bishop Gwynne College requires funds for a new solar power system that will supply power to their administration building, student dorms and dining room. This will also reduce reliance on the generator, which is expensive to operate and not environmentally sustainable.

In choosing our proposed new system, we considered key factors such as efficiency, effectiveness, robustness, serviceability and life-cycle cost. Equipment was chosen that would be able to withstand the high temperatures of South Sudan. 

Our proposed system includes:

  • 10kw solar installation with 20kwh of battery storage capacity
  • Solar panels, support framing, inverter chargers, charge controllers, a monitoring device and LiFePO4 batteries
  • Switching and surge/lightning protecting
  • Wiring into the BGC electrical network

We are still trying to secure funding for this.

Rewire electricals and replace fittings

A full review of the college’s electrical installation undertaken in March this year revealed that the electrical wiring at Bishop Gwynne College needs considerable repair work done to bring it to a reliable, functional and safe standard, suitable for the ongoing operation of the college.

This upgrade work is also essential because it will enable the proposed solar power systems to properly connect in to the system without causing problems or potential damage.

The upgrades and replacements required include:

  • New switches, ceiling fans, energy-saving globes, earthing rods and outdoor lights
  • Power outlets, sockets and light fittings
  • Replacement of major fittings and control equipment such as distribution panels, circuit breakers, and switchboards
  • A new 12-way main power distribution panel with suitable breakers, 230 metres of underground cabling, manual transfer switch, earthing and lightning protection
  • Labour of installation across the dormitory, dining hall, staff quarters, library and administration building

Donations to the Bishop Gwynne College Building Fund are tax deductible when donated from Australia.