Student Sponsorship Program

Core Training sponsors South Sudanese students with great potential to complete a three-year Bachelor of Theology at George Whitefield College in South Africa. During their studies, students are grounded in biblical theology, doctrine, biblical languages and church history. Students will then return to teach on the faculty at Bishop Gwynne College, a key theological training institution in South Sudan.

We believe the Bible training of South Sudanese pastors is crucial. Across many spheres of society, the Episcopal church remains a source of safety and shelter in a country that has suffered years of violence and war. Biblically grounded teaching of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness impacts communities. God has reconciled us to himself and one another in Christ — correctly trained pastors will make these and other gospel truths clear.

In 2019, we will have five students in our program: Elias (3rd year), Alex (2nd year) and Kasmiro (2nd year), Philip (1st year) and Seme (1st year). Your donations to this program will directly fund their tuition, food, accomodation, food, admin fees, books, pocket money and airfares. John who completed his studies at the end of 2018 will return to Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan to teach as a paid lecturer.

How does the program work?

Step 1: Students graduate at a Diploma of Theology level at Bishop Gwynne College, South Sudan.

Step 2: Students are sponsored to study in South Africa at a Bachelor of Theology level at George Whitefield College, South Africa.

Step 3: Students are then sponsored to return to Bishop Gwynne College in South Sudan to lecture for the Diploma of Theology course. You can learn more about this under our Faculty Funding section.

Help bring peace to South Sudan by sponsoring a student today!