Pastor Training, Monrovia 2017

Pastor training in partnership with CRCA, August 21 – September 1, 2017 The teaching mission to Monrovia, Liberia in August 2017  in partnership with Christian Revival Church Association, was indeed a wonderful time, as all the teachers and participating pastors would agree! Core Training ran its 10-day course “The Whole Counsel of God”. The course […]

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Local Diocesan Teaching

Regional Bible Training – 2015

This year CORE Training and Development will be conducting “The Whole Counsel of God” course in a local diocese of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, under the direction of Bishop Gwynne College in Juba. This course has proven to be very effective as a first step in training pastors and elders throughout Africa.

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Solar Panel Equipment

Solar Panels for Bishop Gwynne College

We are happy to announce that thanks to the great generosity of supporters and the motivating force of God’s Spirit, we have successfully raised the funds for 24 solar panels for Bishop Gwynne College in Juba South Sudan. This is great news indeed as the college has struggled with their current generator and government power is almost non-existent. The panels were installed in August this year and have been providing much needed power to the college library. This has allowed students, lecturers and visitors to study at any time of the day and to also use computers. This is a game changer for this college and for the community!